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October 2023 has been a super busy month for YCG! We just had a team return from the Athlone school for the blind in Cape Town, South Africa.


The trip was our first follow up trip as we continue to institute our suite of services: materials, mobility, mental health. We provide this by means of canes, the white cane first aid kit for restoring canes, mobility training from certified OM instructors, mental health services for recipients, and also a solar powered talking player that incorporates the Bible and a mobility training guide.


See our Facebook page for many pictures, videos, and stories from the team’s trip. And that’s not all we’ve been up to! A team went to San Francisco to partner with Lighthouse for the Blind; together, we marched across the Golden Gate Bridge and then celebrated as San Fran proclaimed October 15th White Cane Day!

We also thanked and shared the importance of the work that we do. See part of James’ speech.

Many thanks to Lighthouse and the over 200 in attendance who collected canes to be restored and redistributed internationally! Together, we will empower the blind-one cane at a time!



Group of parents who came for O & M training with Marc, Abdi, and Dominique
Marc, Domonique, and translator presenting O & M to 75+ parents on Saturday morning in large school auditorium.
Wendy and teachers after a teacher workshop on promoting positive behavior.
Three student leaders and Wendy in school hallway -Wendy and teachers after a teacher workshop on pr
A line of blind people with white canes walking across the Golden Gate Bridge
A group of blind people with white canes holding White Cane Day signs
A group of blind people with white canes standing in a line