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On Friday, July 21st, 2023, Jimmy and I got to watch and participate in a live “Cane Giving” ceremony all the way from Columbia, via Zoom! We partnered with the non-profit organization Fundacion Expresarte, who also has support from individuals and private sector companies.

One by one, 24 adults came up to receive canes that were sent by You Cane Give. Also, Fundacion Expresarte gave 14 canes to children, in addition to special school kits with tactile keyboards, calculators, and other supplies for learning. They said some of the children had never had a cane before, and all recipients and their families were so grateful!

 During the event, Ms. Erika Cruz (Mobility Professional) and Mr. Jorge Rosas (Conservatory Professor of the Municipality of Ibague’) explained how to use a cane and how to support and encourage individuals who walk with canes. They also shared about the importance of inclusion and how canes allow people to be independent. There was live music during the event, provided by Music to See, a group of the Conservatory of Ibague’. Along with the music, there was even some dancing at this wonderful, celebration event!