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Check out this video from South Africa. Chris Ventor and Jim Paradiso helped us deliver 105 canes, 80 solar-powered, talking Bibles with a mobility training guide, and 34 eye protective glasses for folks with light sensitivity (albinism and other eye disorders). This video shows when the children from Athlone in South Africa received many gifts!

Canes, players, huge bags of candy and more! Check it out at:


All these canes were donated by other blind people and groups within the United States. Many canes were restored by local church groups and other friends of You Cane Give. The Church of the City – Franklin should be recognized for their support and donation to help make this possible! Elastic was donated by Ambutech as well as some tips from L S & S. We want to also thank Harry and his team from Diag Import. Diag paid and managed transport to have a large box of canes and glasses get to the Athlone school! We are so grateful to everyone who made this happen! We look forward to continued collaboration from our partners as we tackle the “white cane famine.”