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In underdeveloped and impoverished countries around the world, the resources that many of us take for granted are extremely limited. To add to the challenge, what is available is often far too expensive for many families to even consider. For example – in Nigeria, a standard folding cane costs about $150 USD. That amount is equivalent to the cost of feeding or housing an entire family for a month! Unfortunately, this means that even a basic mobility tool is out of reach for a blind person in that community.

Look how far your donation goes to help us equip the blind around the world:

● $6 = 1 fully restored folding cane – We repair and rehabilitate broken, unusable canes to return them to full working order.
● $5 = 1 tip (average price) – We include extra replacement tips with each shipment of canes we send.
● $35 – 1 solar-powered talking Bible, now with the recorded mobility training guide included
● $40 – 1 new cane with basic tip

Every dollar counts, and you can help!

Consider a one-time donation of just $30 to provide 5 newly restored canes.

What about a $75 monthly donation to provide a cane and an audio Bible with a training guide for a person to learn cane mobility skills and discover a new level of independence?

Thank you for your support!

We are empowering the blind, one cane at a time!